Commotech DDR5 Gaming DIMM LED Control Solution


Commotech DDR5 Gaming DIMM LED Control Solution

1. Solution Summary

Commotech’s turkey solution to help developers to achieve gaming DIMM LED control through simple GUI without considering complex integration of hardware, base firmware and application software control algorithm. The integrated PC GUI allows designer to present customized LED dimming pattern on gaming DIMM through integrated PC turnkey GUI. This solution supports RA2E2 MCUs.


2. Features/Benefits

  • RA2E2 with I3C, I2C compatible, as LED control MCU fits any CPU platform 
  • Solution supports cost-effective RGB control or performance-enhanced aRGB control 
  • 12 default patterns allow tuning via the GUI of dimming frequency, color and other indexes
  • Embedded timing synchronization calibration presents harmonious patterns on individual DIMMs 
  • Customized patterns can be set as power-on default or user identical prescription 
  • Online firmware update function

3. Diagrams/Graphics


4. Target Markets and Applicaitons

  • Gaming DIMM / Gaming DDR5 DIMM
  • Gaming PC motherboard
  • Gaming VGA
  • PC case and other peripherals


About DDR5 Gaming DIMM LED control solution: 

This solution turn-key integrates hardware, firmware and software to provide customers who wants to implement fancy LED dimming control on DRAM module. In addition to DDR4, through RA2E2 H/W I3C interface, DDR5 DIMM is also able to support. This solution demonstrates: 

  • 12 types of default general LED dimming effect. 
  • Customize effect for each DIMM or each LED on the DIMM. 
  • Customized effect set as power-on default.
  • Multi-module effect pattern synchronization calibration function.
  • Online firmware update.

About Commotech: 

For recent years, Commotech pace on improving LED dimming control technical supporting scheme, and provides from development to mass production service to famous customers on gaming PC, MB, VGA, fan and related peripherals. Commotech solution integrated LED control MCU with PC GUI software and OBM’s certification which can help customers to provide end products time to market. 


In addition, Commotech cooperated with customers to develop multi-pack Li-ion battery charger with significant sales result, if there is a requirement for low power component, Commotech can also be your choice.